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Sway + FreeBSD

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13 Mar 2022

Sway and FreeBSD

Screenshot (repo)

I started to migrate from macOS back in December 2020 - kext “deprecation” was the last drop. And we won, eventually. But the fact that you had to fight for it, and the internal reaction - everything now is just screaming theres nothing left of what used to be OSX. Not to mention no macOS Server and no Pro. That is it. So…


Early FBSD13B1 builds on my laptop were not as smooth as I wanted - you had to tweak CPU, network, boot, peripheral drivers, etc. Fun but not as efficient as it could be. A few months later in the final FBSD13 the difference was overcoming. I mean touchscreen-out-of-the-box overcoming. Then sway’s stability improved dramatically and I started working on my freebsd-station playbook. After another few months, I managed to polish the layout and started porting the environment. I indeed forgot that I don’t need minutes for the IDE to load. No more web-based Atom and parasitic brew. macOS would still be a better option (machine) for Capture One tasks, but it’s not like I will be building a medium format rig. So I can drop the mouse as well.

Screenshot Screenshot

After porting 100% of my macOS environment to FreeBSD, I still need to close some gaps in media. But to achieve ‘full automation dandy’, I would need my freebsd-server with poudriere deployed and full of configs.

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